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ambidexterous, animals, artist block, artistic talents, artists, being a pet, bipolar disorder, bisexuality, body modification, bois, bondage, coffee, collars, commitment, computers, dreams, dyscalculia, family, fashion, freedom, gender neutral, graphic design, muses, nanomango, nanowrimo, obscurity, opinions, personality, perspectives, piercing, plurality, polyamory, psychology, reading, reality, religion, sleeping, soulbonds, spirits, submission, synaesthesia, tattoos, tech stuff, travel services, twinsibs, voices, weird things, wicked cool, writer's block, writing
I'm a twenty something wannabe writer/artist. I live with my girlfriend (endsmeeting and a cat while our boyfriend goes to school.

This journal is just a repository of my daily life, just somewhere to vent and be amused or whatever else I think I might want to be on a given day. There might eventually be filters but right now, no need, and most if it open and not friend's locked, so it's all good :)